Who we are?

Biotree fosters innovation in the scientific experience through dedication to quality and precision. Enablement of engineering endeavours benchmarked at global levels is something Biotree continues to stand for after years of experience. Led by experts in biopharma, we have a proven track record of executing global bioengineering projects and delivering bioengineering solutions to some of the most reputed organizations around the world. Serving the leaders in scientific exploration to the best of human ability and expertise has been our guiding factor and we continue to deliver solutions to some of the most demanding projects that are innovative in science.

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What we do?

As a GMP-compliant production facility, we offer high-end productivity for projects our clients are working on, with high standards of precision. Fair practice is not determined by certificates but by an everyday commitment to the scientific cause and ethical process of engineering. We offer collaborative approaches to the process knowledge in vaccine production for regulatory compliance and bioprocess engineering, and our comprehensive outlook encompasses all critical elements required in any undertaking.We offer all the process requirements with our Bioprocess Equipment like Bioreactors/Fermenters and allied upstream and downstream equipment. Our sole purpose is to impart optimally-designed equipment to our clients at accessible price points.

At Biotree, we design & build high-precision equipment:


With an unquenchable zest and zeal, we have successfully established profitable markets in emerging countries like Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Middle East – Iran, Turkey, Cuba and Mexico, by executing our well appreciated process management.



Our Presence

We successfully and profitably serve emerging markets through presence in Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Middle East – Iran, Turkey, Cuba as well as Mexico.


Our Objectives

Our objective is to provide Economical, Accessible and Regulatory-compliant solutions in process engineering to our customers across all developing nations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to inculcate creativity and entrepreneurship qualities in our employees and be a globally trusted engineering partner to our customers.


Our Mission

Having committed to quality and precision, our mission is to Discover, Develop and Deliver innovative solutions that are economically feasible to our clients across the globe.




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