Bioreactor Manufacturers in India

Bioreactors are designed to meet all process requirements for culture of mammalian cells for production of vaccines, biosimilars and other biopharmaceutical products. The capacity ranges from 10L to 10,000L. Biotree also manufactures Fixed Bed Bioreactors with Integrated Media Feed Vessels for anchor dependent cells, with perfusion.


Salient Features of Biotree Bioreactor Manufacturers in India

  • Designed for batch, fed batch and continuous mode of operation, our system can be used as fully automated or semi-automated model.
  • Accurate control of process parameters like Temperature, Pressure, pH,DO, etc. with automated control loops and retractable sensors.
  • Bottom or Top driven Agitator (Double Mechanical Seal or Magnetic Seal) with combination of Rushton Turbine and Segment Blade Impellers for best mixing and optimal gas transfer in a shear sensitive environment.
  • Resterilisable Sampling Valve and Flush Bottom Valve. Tandem design Flush Bottom Valve for sterile transfers.
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